Healthy and nutritious food doesn't have to be bland, unappetising and repetitive.

A balanced diet with a variety of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, grains and starches is the best way to improve your diet to get to good health and nutrition.

The key is balance - not too much of any one type of food at the expense of others.

The often-heard advice of reducing sugar and salt is much easier if you are enjoying a range of different tastes and textures in your food.

We are extremely lucky in Australia to be blessed with great food and for most of us, enough income to enjoy food as a pleasure rather than just sustenance. And in Australia we benefit by not paying GST on fresh fruit and vegetables.

Good food is a combination of flavour, texture, colour, aroma and much needed anticipation!

Recipes that work combine food science, imagination and trial and error to arrive to a combination that produces the perfect outcome.

Keeping food interesting requires the use of food variety, fresh where possible and using items that are already in the ever giving pantry at home or in the garden.

A garden or even a pot of herbs contributes amazing flavour, while stock, spices or preserved foods make fabulous contributions to your meal.

Even a backyard lemon tree or rhubarb patch makes great seasonal produce with all manner of recipe opportunities throughout the year.

Here are some recipes that are relatively easy to prepare, and allows for some indulgence too.

But everything in moderation - the problems start when occasional indulgence becomes everyday eating.