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As an important part of good health, nutrition is under constant scrutiny and assessment.

While every day it seems there is a new "miracle" diet or superfood that promises instant weight loss, boundless good health and everlasting energy, in reality good nutrition should be based firmly on scientific and medical study.

And just like anything in science or medicine, sometimes opinions and recommendations change in light of ongoing research.

This section presents some general news and (mostly personal) views about nutrition topics, based on my own practice.

  • Plan to Step Off The Diet Rollercoaster

    Lose weight… put it back on… Sound familiar? We need a plan to get off the dreaded diet rollercoaster.

  • Hear Me RROAR

    It takes a lot of willpower to resist the food cues all around us.The acronym RROAR can be used to help train your mind to resist the constant temptation of food and drink.

  • Cue the Food, Cue the Weight

    Our world constantly cues us to eat and drink, triggering cravings, eating... and weight gain. How can we switch off the eating autopilot?

  • Conquering the COVID kilos

    With many of us locked down over the past months, it’s easy to add an extra kilo or two. How can we avoid adding the dreaded COVID kilos?

  • From the lips to the hips…when the average bevie adds up on the calorie count

    What do alcohol, oranges and chocolate-coated biscuits have in common? They all contain calories, and your favourite tipple might just be equivalent to a surprising number of oranges or biscuits.

  • salt

    Should we eat less salt?

    Salt is not just in the salt shaker but in many foods we eat. Most of us eat far too much salt with consequences for our health.

  • Carbs – Low GI, High GI… Why GI?

    Carbohydrates are often spoken of as being "low-GI" or "high-GI." But what is GI, and does the type of GI matter for our health?

  • breads and grains

    Do you have to cut carbs?

    Low-carb diets are currently trendy, but carbohydrates have important functions in digestion and good health.

  • coconut oil

    Is coconut oil the new “Good Fat”?

    The recent trend of using coconut oil and drinking coconut-laden drinks is touted as being healthy... but is it really?

  • steak

    Food Truths and Half-Truths

    There are many popular myths around food and dieting that are just that – myths - or more correctly, half-truths.

  • girl-eating-breakfast

    Weight Management & Dieting

    The best way to obtain all the nutrients you need is to eat a variety of foods from five food groups every day.

  • a shitwork cleaner

    Meals for Shift Workers

    Daily food planning is often missed in the stress and disruption of shift work. Here's some ideas to have healthy meals while working strange hours.

  • Caring for people living with cancer

    Nutrition management for people who are cancer fighters and survivors is a specialist area of dietary management.

  • measuring stomach

    Assisting your nutrition & healthy weight goals

    Eating 2 wellness is not only about your health goals, but about what we can do together to develop good eating habits, allowing for the normality of eating to appetite.

  • salmon

    Cheaper alternatives to salmon

    Salmon is one of the best fish to eat, but can be expensive. Are there alternatives to salmon that are cheaper but still nutritious?

  • woman measuring mans stomach

    What is a healthy weight?

    Simply put, a healthy weight is a weight appropriate to you that can be maintained - factoring in your age, body size, fitness and general health.

  • stomach with out of order sign

    When your gut goes wrong

    Stomach or intestinal problems are not only very common, they can range from mildly annoying and embarrassing, to debilitating or life-threatening.

  • bp cuff

    What is a chronic disease?

    What makes some diseases such as diabetes and heart disease "chronic" is the continuous care and medical management required to prevent a negative outcome.

  • hamburger and chips

    Is your diet giving you asthma?

    More than two million Australians suffer from asthma to varying degrees, and some foods are being viewed with suspicion as "triggers" for asthma attacks.

  • office

    The Working Pantry

    Hectic and fast paced workdays for men and women often means nutrition is left behind with the need for healthy eating put on the back burner of priorities.