Breakfast Breakthroughs

Try these ideas for breaking boredom at breakfast! They are also great for weekend brunch.

Toasted pane di casa or sour dough can be a great base for several delicious toppings, such as:

    • Pre grilled, then warmed: haloumi, zucchini and roasted tomatoes done in canola or olive oil.
    • Pre grilled, then warmed: eggplant and haloumi with dukkah.
    • Homemade omelette of your combination on toast (egg, bacon and cheese or egg, bacon and shallot). Think about adding vegetables such as capsicum, mushrooms and spinach.

Cold toppings:

    • Smashed avocado, ham and ricotta cheese with basil on top.
    • Smoked salmon with cream cheese and red onion or capers.
    • Why not a tomato and onion salsa with mint/ onion and basil.
    • Fetta, dill, capers and sundried tomato with white vinegar dressing.
    • Smoked chicken with avocado.