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What is a healthy weight?

"I need to lose weight."

Sound familiar?

Actually, while most of us say we want to lose weight, what we mean is that we want a better body shape.

But the means to this is usually those two terrible words - diet and exercise.

Many Australians are carrying far too much weight, and increasingly are suffering diseases such as high blood pressure and Type Two Diabetes.

As well as giving more energy and a better appearance, weight loss can in some instances actually reduce or reverse the effects of some chronic conditions.

But it's important to not just lose additional weight, but to maintain a healthy weight, and avoid the "rebound" effect of losing, then regaining the kilos.

Simply put, a healthy weight is a weight appropriate to you - factoring in your age, body size, level of fitness and general health.

Natalia Knezevic is an Accredited Practising Dietitian in Orange, New South Wales, providing flexible and achievable nutrition solutions.