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Plan To Step Off The Diet Rollercoaster

A woman shouting with rage

Lose weight… put it back on… lose a kilo… put two back on. Sound familiar? How can we get off the dreaded diet rollercoaster?

We need a plan.

Here’s how:

  1. Start by assessing your current diet quality. Yes, there’s an app for that – go to and take the quiz.
  2. Next, plan weekly meals, drinks and snacks. Write a grocery list and be sure to buy extra fruit and vegetables.
  3. Swap to small plates, cups and serving utensils. You’ll serve less and eat less without thinking.
  4. Aim for half your plate covered with vegetables and salad, one-quarter lean protein (trimmed meat, chicken, fish, legumes such as beans) and one-quarter grains or starchy vegetables (potato, peas, or corn).
  5. Change your food environment to avoid constant prompts to eat.
  6. Minimise the places you allow yourself to eat and drink, to reduce exposure to food (not in front of the TV or computer, at a desk, or in the car).
  7. Keep food out of sight (unless it is fruit and vegetables). Store it in opaque containers rather than clear plastic.
  8. Where possible, remove workplace food displays, such as food fundraisers.
  9. Plan driving and walking routes that avoid passing fast-food outlets or vending machines.
  10. Pre-record TV shows and fast-forward through the food ads.

And equally as important as everything listed above, stick to the plan!

Results may seem slow at the start, but over time you will see noticeable differences, and as the plan becomes an ever-easier and integral part of your day, you will see the kilos dropping away.

A dietitian and nutritionist in Orange NSW, Natalia Knezivic provides practical and achievable advice for common nutrition problems.