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With food cues all around us, it takes willpower - a LOT of willpower – to resist the temptation to constantly snack or indulge.

It takes constant attention (the current buzzword being “mindfulness”) to maintain self-management, but the acronym RROAR can be used to help train your mind to resist the constant temptation of food and drink.

RROAR stands for:

Remind yourself that you are the boss, the food is not.

a slice of pizza lies on top of tarmac painted with the word NO

Resist the food or drink by physically turning your back on the cue. This gives you time to think about next steps.)

Organised Alternative
Have an alternative behaviour organised and ready to use as a distraction. Grab a drink of water, walk around the block, check your emails or messages, read, or do a household or garden chore. By diverting your attention, you will lessen the temptation.

Remember what your big-picture goal is. Do you want to eat better to help you feel better, reduce medications, lower blood pressure, improve diabetes control or manage your weightConquering the COVID kilos? As a method actor might say – “What’s my motivation?” Find your motivation and keep it front-of-mind.

woman's torso wearing a black belt tied in a bow holding a large pink piggy bankAnd if RROAR isn’t enough, add another R – Reward.

Financial incentives are a great way to change behaviour. Each time you complete your organised alternative, put $1 in a jar. When it builds up, spend it on something you really want. But preferably not food!

Remember that very few things, especially diet management, can be accomplished immediately. Like any journey, dieting takes a series of steps and a plan to be effective.

Natalia Knezevic is an NDIS Provider and dietitian in Orange, New South Wales, with extensive experience in providing nutritional guidance for chronic chronic health conditions.